How To Paint Circles On A Wall

When choosing to remodel your bathroom you will need to decide on a paint scheme for the walls. Painting circles on the wall would be a great way to lively up your bathroom walls. This is especially true if you are going to decorate the rest of the bath in the same fashion.

This do it yourself project will be quite easy for any individual to complete. As long as you make sure to have the proper tools you can paint your walls with accuracy and efficiently. Which is important if your bathroom may need to be out of order while your work.

Before anything can begin you must design a plan. Try not to deviate from your set of plans. It is when you accurately prepare ahead of time that you will run into less issues. You may find it helpful to tape the wall. You can use the laser tape to measure out the wall first.

After which, you need to place tape where you want to paint circles. Just make sure when working with tile that you buy enough painters tape. Stretching tape too much will cause paint to bleed right through. Another example, if you do not measure out the space you wish to paint you could spend too much money on paint. Often times paint is not returnable. Always make sure your paint is before you buy.

The first thing you need to do is buy the best laser tape measure. A tape measure of this sort can be utilized in a variety of ways during the painting process. First, it can be used to determine the how far apart you wish to space the circles on the wall. Also, your laser tape can accurately measure the dimension of the space you want to paint. Knowing this precise height and length you can purchase the right amount of paint. Thus making this a less costly and time consuming project.

A grout removal tool will be another tool that you will find useful to have during painting. When working on a bathroom you often times will encounter a tile wall. When painting tile there some precautionary measures that must take place. You have to ensure that the old grout is in good condition. Otherwise you must remove it using the proper device. After you remove the old grout and put a new product in place you can paint the tile.

While painting circles on a tile wall you will find a laser level to be very helpful. With a level like this you are able to keep both hands free. This is because this device comes with the option to mount it to the wall with screws. You can purchase a tripod if the idea of screwing anything to tile bothers you. The laser that is produced from this level will never fail to keep your work straight and even. When you have to re-grout your tile this level can help. It will ensure your grout lines are even and straight.